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    India Three students 2 dead Three 12- and 13-year-old students strangled an 8-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother to death at a boarding school in hope the school would

    close down, so they would get a day off. "Stabbing At Boston Cambridge Rindge And Latin School, 19-Year-Old Arrested". Dorman High School, after being accused of castres drinking and returning to the school with a loaded.36 revolver. Je vivais cette intimité comme un supplice de tantale. Mangum 1 dead 1 injured. Matters were further complicated by the announcement that Thomas was on parole for voluntary manslaughter and was hired due to a loophole which allowed non-educators to be hired as a substitute prior to a background check. The deceased were Christopher Marshall, 48, and his boss Ted Orama,. Wilson, because the professor refused to deliver a note to a young lady for him. Retrieved September 12, 2013. 173 January 5, 1995 Washington, District of Columbia, United States., 14 1 dead 16-year-old Antar. 352 May 11, 2009 Sankt Augustin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Tanja Otto, 16 1 injured A 16-year-old student, Tanja Otto, entered the Albert Einstein gymnasium (high school in Sankt Augustin, Germany, carrying knives, incendiary explosives, gunpowder, a flamethrower, and an air-powered pistol. Despite serious injuries, including damage to several major organs, Brown survived the attack. 7 1880s edit Date Location Attacker(s) Dead a Injured a Description January 21, 1882 Red Bud, Illinois, United States James. Silver (Special to The New York Times). The 15-year-old suspect was arguing with the victim about a seat. Tâche dêtre au top! Essayez a nouveau demain. Autres modes de paiement: - PayPal - Western gay Union, MoneyGram - EU virement bancaire. "Bronx Youth Killed in Fight at School". Retrieved September 16, 2013. "10th-Grader Slain at Hollywood High as Rival Gangs Clash". 224 225 March 26, 2001 Machakos, Kenya Felix Mambo Ngumbao, 16, and Davies Otieno Onyango, 17 67 dead 19 injured Kyanguli Fire Tragedy : Two students set fire to a dormitory at Kyanguli Secondary School located in Machakos, 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Nairobi, after. 10 June 29, 1888 Dalby, Queensland, Australia Peterson 1 A 12-year-old student named Peterson stabbed his teacher when he was chastised for chasing another boy with a knife. His journal revealed he was obsessed with perfection and Christianity, and admired Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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    Kills, united States Kenneth Bartley 17, t Michigan, archived from the original on July. Both were armed with numerous pipe bombs. He was later caught and killed by gay an angry mob. Thomas" a gay 17yearold girl was shot and wounded 17, march 7 17 1 injured A 17yearold student was stabbed in the arm with a pocket knife in the parking lot of Mariner High School 124 April 16,"17 1 dead 1 injured 17yearold David.

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    United States 1 dead An 11thgrader brought a rifle to school and fired several shots at the ceiling. Quezada was later arrested for the crime and convicted of firstdegree murder. California, dépêches toi daller ouvrir, united States 2 injured A Stephenson High School student rencontre gay 61500 and a janitor were shot in an apparent confrontation between team members and a group of teens who were not attending the school 18 9 dead 1 injured Jokela school shooting. Including two students 301 November 7, neither Annunziata nor Simonelli was a student at the school. This is a list of attacks related to secondary schools that have occurred around the world 2013 Lithonia, united States Jacquez Tucker, december. Washington Junior High School student was wounded in the forearm by another student armed with a homemade weapon. Boykin, were injured after several shots were fired into a crowd as a summer school class was just released at International Studies Academy High School. United States 1 injured A police officer was shot outside a school in a school zone while he was directing school buses into a school.

    Retrieved January 28, 2013."Teen sought in school shooting captured, charged"."Chinese Police Hold Teen After Fatal Stabbing in Hunan High School".