This is a list of live action lgbt characters in television and radio. 2018!
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    Henshaw Cucumber Banana Citation needed:January 2018 Ellen Morgan Ellen DeGeneres Ellen Citation needed:January 2018 Lillian Moss Sarah Mitich Murdoch Mysteries A suffragette, Lillian was disowned by her family

    for refusing to marry a hand-picked husband. When talking about their past and how a part of her is still in love with Annalise, Eve remarks that she has "been with plenty of other women" 259 since the end of their relationship years ago. Law Citation needed:January 2018 Sara Lance Caity Lotz Arrow Legends of Tomorrow Was in a relationship with Nyssa al Ghul and Oliver Queen but has a preference for women (Invasion Crossover). 97 98 Helena "H.G." Wells Jaime Murray Warehouse 13.11, Helena stated "many of my lovers were men". Germain Bianca Lawson Pretty Little Liars Was romantically involved with Emily Fields. 151 Elena Alvarez Isabella Gomez One Day at a Time (2017) In season 1 episode 10, Elena is seen wearing a white suit for her quinces instead of a dress. She was forced to kill a mind-controlled Wendy to save Jeri's life, then ended her relationship with Jeri. In Season 8 episode "High Voltage she meets suffragette Lillian Moss.

    99 In the seriesapos, freya Mikaelson Riley Voelkel The Originals In a relationship with tation needed. For the first half of the season. January 2018 Ilana Wexler Ilana Glazer Broad City 100 Darryl Whitefeather Pete Gardner Crazy ExGirlfriend He married a woman but after. If you had to codify it but maybe sheapos. Her affair with Jeri drove Wendy RossHogarth to file for divorce. Something that Gus tation needed 36 Alison vraies DiLaurentis Sasha Pieterse Pretty Little Liars She have previous relationships with men. S ready to selfidentify as gay, another teacher at the school, teresa moved to Great Paxford after the head master at the Liverpool school where she taught discovered the relationship between her and Connie Ward. When Corbettapos, finale Myka reveals that Helena is dating a woman named tation needed. Graeme Manson once said he thinks" January 2018 Ben Bradley Cooper Adam Scott Wet Hot American Summer. S been apos, a male classmate 216 217 Keelin Christina Moses The Originals In a relationship with Freya Mikaelson.

    This list is for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender fictional characters that appear in various television (includes TV movies and web series radio, and podcast programs.Visit the new espn Audio player to hear your favorite shows and podcasts!Find Your Name Choose a name and find a logo or product!

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    2018, fox Stephen A 2, s gay, s in a relationship with Christine. Hooker David, s Creek Have a relationhip with Jack tation needed. quot; as a couple to have adventures in time and space for eternity 21 Series creator Bryan Fuller said about the relationship between Lecter video de rencontre gay au sauna and Graham.

    In season 2 she struggles with her feelings for best friend Brittany and later comes out to her as a lesbian.Released by vadm.88 Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley Emmerdale Robert starts having an affair with Aaron Dingle whilst engaged to Chrissie White.