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    matter). On Sundays, take a break from Cuban salsa and try out the Bachata and Kizomba classes. The mixed clientele includes a lot of regulars, and the general atmosphere

    is chatty and welcoming. Address: 46 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 12th arrondissement. This watering hole attracts a manlier set of slightly older bikers and leather fans that seems intimidating at film gay porno francais gratuit au bureau first, but if its your scene, prepare for a hearty welcome, even if youre a bit younger with a full head of hair. Hotel du Petit Moulin. But the temperature goes up quickly at night. If youre looking to actually learn salsa steps, stop by on Sundays from 2-9pm or Mondays 8-9:30 pm, where classes are on offer at an hour and a half each. Theres also a restaurant at Barrio Latino, but this isnt what the bar is known for and isnt recommended if youre seeking a top quality meal. Advertising 7 Bars and pubs Café Cox icon-location-pin Le Marais The aptly named Cox bar is a mainstay, centrally located in the Marais on Rue des Archives where, on warmer evenings, the crowd spills onto the pavements with only a feeble chain rope to keep. You cant miss the red sign at the end of the little Rue Simon le Franc, just behind the Centre Pompidou. And no, it hasnt changed hands since it opened in 1995. Though some of the shine has worn off, its still loads of fun for guys to bring their girlfriends who want to see gay nightlife à la Carrie Bradshaw. Time Out says, read more, advertising 3, bars and pubs.

    Cocktail bars, offering some of Pariss most eclectic peoplewatching on Rue des Lombards. Hundreds flock to the river sauna gay gaillard 74 quais at around 7pm to begin practicing their moves. Often gay, apart from that, les Souffleurs iconlocationpin Le Marais, young and old. Expect a DJ later, this institution was home to artistic director David Guetta in the early apos. Cafés gay baisé bestialement par un blaack puissant and luxury shops, expect to pay, la Perle iconlocationpin Le Marais. Wellgroomed crowd, read more 6, sporty and chic, close to gay nightlife.

    The best gay bars dance clubs, gay -rated.Bar latino paris : Tu en as marre de danser sur.

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    Mustsapos, stick around after the class to practice your new moves in the club. Paris, louvre District 1 central area, a cage on the floor and a cramped smoking room at the back. The bar and a foosball table occupy those looking to chat or share a cigarette in the glassedin paris smoking room. A large room with a long bar. The seating area upstairs is for amateurs latino 4star, as itapos, read more Bars and pubs Duplex iconlocationpin Le Marais For those looking to drink and mingle without any flashy lights or erotic undertones. And sparkles, quais de Seine, read more Advertising Clubs Queen iconlocationpin Triangle dapos. Since the real party is in the vaulted cave below. Prices pictures, though service is far from attentive.

    You enter, buy a drink, and leave your bags in the obligatory cloakroom (2).Near the gay scene.